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'the floor opens up with a series of traps as a giant hoop rises and falls overhead in Jen McGinley's graceful design' 

★★★★ What's On Stage

'This is a relentlessly creative, risk-taking production'

★★★★ The Stage

★★★★ Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times 

It’s all kicking off in the woods! Two warring fairies are willing to destroy the world after a barney over a little lad, and four chaotic kids are off on a drug-induced love mission - Welcome to the party!

Join Not Too Tame for a riotous ride through the forest at night, for a tale of wild weddings, mistaken identity and a staging of Shakespeare’s best known comedy where not everything is as innocent as it seems. When dreams merge with reality it’s not always clear who’s who and what’s what - so keep your wits about you!

With more merriment than you can shake your ruff at, a big dose of bewilderment and a dash of disaster, this is a Midsummer Night's Dream not to be watched, but experienced. Pick up your petticoat and fasten your corsets, there’s a donkey on the loose.

Directed by Matthew Dunster & Jimmy Fairhurst

photo by Patch Dolan

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