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'It also enjoys clever design by Jen McGinley, with parts of the set sliding past each other, like trains at a station'

★★★★ BRIEF ENCOUNTER | Mark Brown, The National


'The energy generated by these four – under Joanna Bowman’s direction, with terrific design by Jen McGinley and movement by Vicki Manderston – seems almost supernatural in itself' 

★★★★  MOONSET | Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

'the floor opens up with a series of traps as a giant hoop rises and falls overhead in

Jen McGinley's graceful design'

★★★★ A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM | Michael Davies. Whats On Stage

'Jen McGinley’s set design immerses the action in a multi-purpose corporate setting. The space works brilliantly and does not restrict the action, plus with the implementation of Lewis den Hertog’s video design being projected onto a screen, we feel we are directly in the action and see the flawless set up close'

★★★★★ THE ENEMY | Lewis C. Baird, Theatre Scotland


'elements are all skilfully interlaced into the action by director Finn den Hertog, set designer Jen McGinley and video designer Lewis den Hertog'

★★★★ THE ENEMY | Clare Brennan, The Observer

'Jen McGinley’s sharply authentic design' & 'Great performances, monologue writing and design details are nice to watch'

DISTANCE REMAINING, Thom Dibdin, The Stage

'The centrepieces of Jen McGinley's authentic-looking immersive design are a fully working bar and a karaoke stage, lit in bright and acidic colours by Jack Weir. If you opt for the pub table seating you may well forget that you're in a theatre space at all'

★★★★ CINDERELLA | Alun Hood. Whats On Stage


Jen McGinley’s design is a testament to the human imagination: the looming black space suggests a cave, blackboard or study; a pair of bookshelves are rearranged in endless permutations

★★★★ SAPIENS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF HUMANKIND | Miriam Gillinson. Time Out

'wonder there is in this production. Jen McGinley’s set consists largely of bookcases, filled with battered volumes that bespeak endless use, that are magically reconfigured to expedite the play’s journeys into the deep past' 



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